How Did We Get Here?

The idea of living in our camper and traveling all over the United States started as just

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This is us on the north shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota. They have an awesome doughnut shop there called The World’s Best Doughnuts.

that, an idea. Like many people, we thought that we had too many attachments that kept us securely tethered to one location on the map. A house, kids in college, friends and family, and our jobs were just a few of the items on a very long list. Still, each time we took the camper on a trip we’d lounge in our rocking camp chairs, sigh and say, “Wouldn’t it be great to live like this?” But how? I’m not gonna lie. Mike was the driving force behind the life we live today. You see, Mike is a list maker and a data organizing superstar. “I think this is very doable,” he said one evening presenting his master plan, neatly scratched into a black notebook. “Since I work remotely anyway, I can work from just about anywhere. You could quit your job, we’d sell the house and travel all over!”



Hazel (cat) & Myra (dog) love to cuddle. Well, Hazel loves to cuddle and I think Myra just tolerates it.

“Back up the truck Leroy. Quit my job and sell the house?!” Now, Mike’s income was enough to support us and then some. However, at that point I had been teaching elementary school for fifteen years. Long-term RVing was a dream. And until that moment I had kept it neatly tucked into its proper place in my well organized, structured, routine reality. I can’t quit my job I thought. I’m a teacher, teachers don’t just quit. They work for thirty years and retire. Sell the house? But where would I garden? What would we do with all of our stuff? Where would Myra and Hazel go? (Our 14 year old Jack Russell and 4 year old cat).


These are just a few of the lovely ladies that I had the privilege of teaching with. I am on the far left, then Tina, my BFF Jenifer, and Sunshine. This must have been the last day of school because we look pretty giddy!

Well, long story short, I grabbed Mike’s hand and took the leap. Trust me, I ran the idea past everyone I knew, but it was my friend Tina who helped change my perspective.  That was when I realized that I had been blessed with a fantastic opportunity and I needed to stop resisting. If I needed more evidence that we were making the right decision, it came when we sold our house. It sold the morning of the second day on the market. I told our agent we wouldn’t even consider taking less than the asking price, and we wouldn’t pay any closing costs. Would you believe that we got a full price, cash offer? And they paid the closing costs! To drive the point home even further, the buyer was a church! I was pretty certain then that our journey into the RVing


Here are all of the fantastic staff members that I had the pleasure of teaching with. Miss you guys!

lifestyle was a blessing from God. We decided to lean into that notion and use this journey to be a blessing to others.