Kayaking Eco Tour & Dolphins!

412F6E5B-E6EB-4678-AE5A-6925CE92633ESo this post is going to be pretty short because the pictures and videos are way more worth your time than me talking about the experience! We took a guided eco tour of the salt marsh with Charleston Outdoor Adventures. If you are ever in the area, and looking for an outdoor adventure, I highly recommend this company. Unlike other kayaking tours in the area they own their own land and have a private boat launch. Our guide, Nick, was very friendly and super informative.

We launched from Folly Beach on a morning tour as the tide was going down. Maybe that was why, when I was getting in my kayak, I somehow scooped up a shrimp on the top of my foot, which was then deposited into my boat. Laugh at me if you must, but I’ve never seen a shrimp uncooked and had to ask what it was. No worries… I picked the little guy up and tossed him safely back into the water. Nick informed us that this was the perfect time to see dolphins because as the water level went down, the channel narrowed, and the fish consolidated. This made for an easier meal! Man did we see dolphins! I’ll show you those in a second, first, let me tell you about the red and white fishing boat in the picture above. That shrimping boat was destroyed in a hurricane and carried up onto land. The S.C. Department of Conservation makes sure that all hazardous materials are removed from boats such as that one and allows them to stay put. It then becomes part of the salt marsh ecosystem. We saw many smaller boats sunken in the waterways before our tour and we’re puzzled about why they were allowed to be left. Pretty amazing!

We saw at least eight dolphins on our three hour tour. Most of them were in pairs. The first video is how we saw most of them, at a bit of a distance… but still very cool! In the second video, two dolphins surfaced right by our kayaks! The first one literally popped up at the nose of my boat! I was so shocked that I got video of my lap! I edited that out for your health😜. However, the second dolphin in that pair surfaced right on the other side of Mike, and I captured it!

We kayaked among flocks of egrets and low flying pelicans, laughed at dancing fiddler crabs, caught glimpses of a few shy sea turtles, and of course saw dolphins! What a fabulous experience!


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